Dhamma Chakka Pravatan Day – 12th July 2014

Pictures from Dhamma Chakka Pravatan Day on Saturday 12th July 2014\r\n\r\nBuddhists at Wolverhampton Buddha Vihara celebrate the anniversary of the Buddha giving his first sermon and thus setting in motion the Wheel of Dhamma.  On this day the Sangha was created as the first five monks were taught Dhamma and ordained as monks.\r\n\r\n

Walking around the Buddha Vihara

Venerable Maha Somboon and Venerable Dhammanag leading the members and suporters around the temple

Statues in the Shrine Room at Wolverhampton Buddha Vihara

Picture of the Statues at the Wolverhampton Buddha Vihara

Members and Supporters in the Shrine Room

Members and Suporters seated in the Shrine Room

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