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Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee Of Great Britain


***The Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee***

The Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee was founded on July 19th, 1969 by like-minded Punjabi migrant workers. They had experienced first-hand discrimination from higher caste people. With their knowledge of the plight of the untouchables in India and coming to know that Dr. Ambedkar had devoted his whole life to uplift his people, they vowed to continue Dr. Ambedkar’s mission and fight for equality.

Buddha Vihara – 146 Lea Road, Wolverhampton, UK

In 1976, The Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee converted a house in Wolverhampton to open a Buddha Vihara.

Buddha Vihara – Upper Zoar Street, Wolverhampton, UK

In 1991, the members and supporters of Dr. Ambedkar’s cause moved to a purpose-built Buddha Vihara in Upper Zoar Street, Wolverhampton.

Dr. Ambedkar Community Centre & Museum, Upper Zoar Street, Wolverhampton, UK

In 2000, a Community Centre and museum in Dr. Ambedkar’s name was also built in Wolverhampton. This was inaugurated by Politician Mayawati, Kumari from India.

The museum is home to genuine Dr. Ambedkar artefacts such as:

  • – His Ink Pen.
  • – Rare photos.
  • – Graduation gown.
  • – His walking stick.
  • – Copies of his handwriting.
  • – His Indian Parliament Security Pass.
  • – Round table conference photographs.

Siddharth Rattu from Delhi in India presented these artefacts to the Committee in 2003. These artefacts were all donated by his dad, the Late Nanak Chand Rattu (Personal Secretary to Dr. Ambedkar).

Unveiling of Dr. Ambedkar Statue, Upper Zoar Street, Wolverhampton, UK

In 2003, the Ex Prime Minister of India, V.P. Singh, unveiled a statue of Dr. Ambedkar which sits in the main grounds of Buddha Vihara.

Maha Somboon Buddha Vihara – Nawanshahar, Punjab, India

In 2006, the Maha Somboon Buddha Vihara was opened in Punjab, India. Venerable Maha Somboon, a long-standing and well-respected Thai Monk, has been based in the UK for over 40 years and specifically in Wolverhampton with the Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Committee since 1983.

The Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Resource Centre – Nawanshahar, Punjab, India

Opened in 2008, the centre offers resources to Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organisations throughout Punjab. A school has been opened on the site and has approximately 250 students.

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