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Vesak Day Blessings – What is Vesak Day?

What is Vesak Day?\r\n\r\nThe day of Vesak or Baisakha Puja is the day of worshiping or merit making for Buddhists all over the world.  On this sacred day Buddhist commemorate three great events, the birth of the Buddha, his Enlightenment and his Mahaparinibbana or passing away on same day of full moon day of this month.  Buddha’s main teachings is not to do any evil, cultivate good things and purify one’s own mind.  However, the core foundation of Buddhist teachings is called Four Noble Truths (Catu ariya sacca) :\r\n\r\n1)      The fact that unhappiness exists (dukkha)\r\n\r\n2)      The cause of that unhappiness (samudaya)\r\n\r\n3)      The fact that unhappiness may cease (nirodha)\r\n\r\n4)      The Way leading to the cessation of unhappiness (magga).\r\n\r\nThese Four Noble Truths are the foundation of all the teachings of the Buddha.  The Way to end suffering is following the Middle Way. In his second sermon, the Buddha taught something unique: that Impermanence is a fact; that the experience of suffering is our reaction; suffering which we can reduce only if we develop selflessness / egolessness(non-soul identity) which the Buddha termed anatta.\r\n\r\nIn November 1998 all the buddhist countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Nepal, India etc. proposed agenda for ‘International recognition of the day of Vesak’ to the United Nations. On 15th Dec. 1999 the UN’s General assembly adopted the resolution for the international recognition of the day of Vesak (Buddha Jayanti). Since, UN celebrates this day every year at its head office in New York and other regional centres all over the world.\r\n\r\nPresently, not only the buddhist but other faiths also celebrate this day with great joy by practicing moral ways and purifies the mind, which is the way (buddhamarga) to achieve real happiness and peace within.\r\n\r\nOn this auspicious day of Vesak Day every human being should take an oath to cultivate good, purify the mind for real happiness and peace and thus pay homage to the Buddha by practicing it.  May this holy day bring you good thoughts and good deeds always.\r\n\r\nBhavatu Sabba Mangalam\r\n\r\nMay you be happy and peaceful.\r\n\r\nVenerable Sujano

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